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The Servants of hope society - Letter from the Executive Director

The Servant's Of Hope Society
We are a faith based men's Recovery house located on the Eastside of Vancouver B.C. Canada. For the last seven years we have tried to make a difference to those who suffer from Addiction and homelessness.
Every year at Christmas we spend over three weeks gathering and organizing donations of both food and clothing and go into Canada's darkest neighbourhood and share the love of god to the less fortunate. A quote from our founder:
 "I couldn't feed myself 10 years ago and with a little hope, 10 years  later, I'm now feeding 1,000 with the help of my friends,". "If that isn't hope I don't know what is." "When all you see is pain and suffering and misery, you need to see hope in order for you maybe to consider that there is hope for you,"

Now in its seventh year, the annual feeding the homeless at Christmas event has become a key ingredient to the survival and positive spirit of the residents of the Downtown Eastside. Each year, just a few days before Christmas, the Servants of Hope Society and their countless volunteers set up in Gastown’s Pigeon Park dishing out hot food with warm smiles. The event does more than fill empty bellies and warm up frosty fingers as it offers a message of hope and the possibility of recovery..
The Servant's of Hope Society is in need of your help, this years homeless feeding event was quite a success. Over one thousand were fed hot turkey dinners, 600 sanwiches were handed out, 1200 blankets were distributed, 3000 pieces of chocolate were consumed, 1000 bottles of water, 600 oranges, 500 bananas, 500 wrapped gifts, one thousand pairs of socks, more than one hundred happy volunteers; there's really nothing more to say other than thank you Jesus.

Our men's recovery house is in need of a vehicle for our outreach work, as well as daily functions. Please consider helping us as God leads you. We are also in need of financial support for our continuing operations, we are self sustaining but desire to grow and expand to enable us to help more individuals. We have a charitable tax exemption status from the federal government and are able to issue tax receipts.
You can go to our website and visit the links above to verify who we are. Please do not ask us to go to other groups for support. May the Holy Spirit lead you in considering us as a worthy cause

Yours truly,
Sean Heaney
Executive Director of The Servant's Of Hope Society
Contact:  604-720-9335



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