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The Servants of hope society - In memory Christopher Lewis ray

June 24, 1960 - October 29, 2012

Memorial Service November 12, 2012 6PM

Hope Reformed Church

900 19 Avenue East  Vancouver, BC

(604) 879-7947



"Saying Goodbye to a Friend"

 My friend Chris is no longer with us; he has gone to be with our lord, saying goodbye is a very trying and difficult thing to do. Having known him for over ten years, spending countless days living, working and enjoying our lives together, and now all that we have left is sadness in our hearts and many memories of his life. Chris aka “Shorty" was a very unique and complex man; trying to figure him out on any given day was at best a challenge. He had a special way of seeing life that I dare to say was hard to describe. This is a tribute to all the years and memories that I have had with him.

What he loved was best described in his actions, he loved helping others who were in need; he would be happy to cut a lawn, change a set of brake pads, power wash a home, move your family, sometimes working all day  and be grateful if he was given a sandwich and a soda for his labor. More than once I have personally witnessed him refuse money for his efforts. He loved his sports; he would spend countless hours watching football, baseball, Daytona and yes, even Coronation Street. He loved his family, his daughter, his sister and his father, whom he was able to see some months ago during a recent visit. There is one thing he used to find both solace and joy in, and that was his family of animals, not only the house pets but all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood. We would often see him going about his day visiting, feeding and loving them; he truly loved them all. His heart was made of gold. His biggest struggle in life was in his own mind; he had a long battle with his addiction that as we all know came to a tragic and abrupt end.

My friend and brother no longer suffers. We believe today he is with his heavenly father and has a new life. We also know that his treasure chest is bursting and that he has a big smile upon his face as he receives all the blessings that are in store for him. His spirit will truly live on in all the hearts that he has touched, the memories will not fade. He truly in his own special way has impacted all of our lives and we count it as a joy in saying good bye. 

Sean H.








I met Chris over 22 years ago

by Rebecca


I met Chris over 22 years ago; he was across the street working on a car in front of my house.  I called across the street and said “Hey when you are done with that car come work on mine.”  The next day when I got home from work my doorbell rang and I opened the door and there he was.  Chris asked me what is wrong with your car.  I started to laugh and said nothing I was just being sassy.  For the next little while we would see each other and wave and say hi.  One day he walked over and asked me to a movie.  I told him sure as my son was going with a friend for the weekend.  Chris said “I know, he told me when I asked him if I could ask you out.”  My son, Frederick was 6 years old and would stop and talk to Chris as he worked on cars.  I asked my son about it and he said “yeah he asked me, I told him I did not care I don’t like that movie.”

Chris was living with a friend in the apartments across from my house, we started dating and one day we were living together. 

Chris and I had a life together where he took on a role as a father to my son.  Chris and Frederick spent hours and hours together looking at cars and working on them.  Chris and Frederick one day went to get haircuts and when they returned they had matching flat tops.  I was so surprised but to this day my son still wears his hair short. 

Chris and I were like most couples we had our ups and downs but we always worked them out.  I have so many great memories of Chris and I am thankful he was in my life.  Chris gave me my beautiful daughter Blair who he loved very much.  Chris kept in contact with me and his daughter on a regular basis; we spoke at times of us becoming a regular family again. 

When I think of Chris I smile at some of things we did and the things he did.  I think of how much I enjoyed watching him and Frederick working on cars (Fred just handed him tools) or all the different cars he worked on. 

One day I came home from the store and Chris was standing in the living room with this tiny puppy, he said he will not get very big.  Bo as a little puppy was very tiny within what seemed days we had a very large beautiful dog.  Bo was Chris’s constant companion, he would go to work with him and wait all day for him to come home.  Bo was loved not only by us but by the neighbors also.

Chris used to get this goofy look on his face when he was joking or playing around that is how I remember him.  That is how I want to remember him with a smile.

Chris and I talked often on the phone, through email and on Facebook.  The last email I got from Chris ended with “I love you always” I know this is true and I will also love him forever.

Chris will be dearly missed by me but my life is so much richer having known him and loved him.  

A Condolence Card came yesterday from some of Chris's Friends

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Condolence Card from Shannon and Family

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Photo Archive - Christopher Lewis Ray (Sergeant Shorty)

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